Terms & Conditions

All quotes are based on our understanding of your requirements. Any changes to the layout and functionality after the completion of the website would incur additional costs.

  1. Clients must provide us with clear requirements.
  2. Client and Windhorse Creation LLC need to work closely together to complete the project in the given timeframe. Delay needs to be accepted if the client changes the entire functionality of the site after the production work has started.
  3. Client has the option of taking the website files and using third party host server. We will assist in migration or transfer of web files, to the clients desired host server.
  4. Windhorse Creation LLC will ensure the site is Responsive – all device ready, and compatible with all the browsers.
  5. Static Website – After the completion of the website, Windhorse Creation will take up the responsibility of managing the site for the Client. Managing of the website will come with additional fees involved as per the requirement.
  6. Dynamic Website – Windhorse Creation will provide client with complete access to the dashboard. After completion of site, a session will be hosted to educate the client on managing the dashboard. The client has the ability to control the entire site from the dashboard with access like managing content, uploading pictures and adding pages. Client will be responsible for all the information and picture they upload. If Client is caught using copyrighted material or images owned by a legal copyright owner, Windhorse Creation will not be held accountable.